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Egypt Oasis

Egypt’s oases stand as celestial gifts nestled within the embrace of the Egyptian Sahara, a repository of enchanting allure and resplendent grandeur. These ethereal oases are akin to magical fragments descending from the heavens, displaying a rare and unspoiled form of artistic expression while offering the opportunity to partake in an adventure of a lifetime. Since 1985, Egypt Tours Expert has been the guardian of these hidden wonders, beckoning travelers to explore the treasures of Baharia, Farafra, Dakhla, Kharga, Faiyum, and Siwa – each an oasis of uncharted beauty.

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Bahariya Oasis

The Bahariya Oasis is more than just a geographical location; it’s a tapestry woven with threads of history, nature, and culture. As you traverse its palm-lined paths and explore its archaeological treasures, you’ll find yourself transported to a realm of serenity and discovery. Whether you’re drawn to its ancient mysteries, breathtaking landscapes, or the warmth of its Bedouin hospitality, the Bahariya Oasis is a destination that invites you to embark on a journey of exploration and wonder Read More

Siwa Oasis

The Siwa Oasis is more than a geographical location; it’s a sanctuary where nature, history, and culture harmoniously intertwine. As you wander through palm groves, gaze at ancient temples, and experience the warm hospitality of the Siwan people, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world that seems to transcend time itself. Whether you seek solace in the tranquil surroundings, immerse yourself in the traditions of the Berber community, or marvel at the remnants of ancient civilizations, the Siwa Oasis is an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery and wonder Read More

Dakhla Oasis

The Dakhla Oasis is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature and history. From its serene landscapes to its ancient ruins, every corner of the oasis holds a story waiting to be discovered. As you traverse its pathways, engage with its people, and breathe in the desert air, you’ll find yourself immersed in a realm that echoes with the whispers of time. Whether you’re drawn to its historical mysteries, the simplicity of desert life, or the sheer beauty of its landscapes, the Dakhla Oasis invites you to embark on a journey that celebrates the hidden treasures of Egypt’s heartland Read More

Faiyum Oasis

The Faiyum Oasis is a testament to the profound connection between water and life in the desert. As you traverse its lush landscapes, engage with its rich history, and immerse yourself in its cultural tapestry, you’ll find a haven that defies the desert’s harshness. Whether you’re drawn to its serene lakes, ancient ruins, or the warm embrace of its communities, the Faiyum Oasis invites you to embark on a journey of exploration and wonder, discovering the hidden treasures of Egypt’s verdant heart Read More

Farafra Oasis

The Farafra Oasis is more than just a geographical location; it’s a sanctuary that embodies the desert’s majesty and the beauty of solitude. As you traverse its landscapes, engage with its artistic spirit, and gaze upon its otherworldly formations, you’ll find yourself transported to a realm that transcends time and space. Whether you’re drawn to its ancient mysteries, the shimmering Crystal Mountain, or the ethereal landscapes of the White Desert, the Farafra Oasis invites you to embark on a journey of discovery, introspection, and wonder amidst Egypt’s desert gem Read More

Kharga Oasis

The Kharga Oasis is a sanctuary that bridges the gap between history and nature, tranquility and exploration. As you traverse its landscapes, engage with its historical sites, and connect with its people, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world that celebrates the desert’s allure. Whether you’re drawn to the ancient temple of Hibis, the intricate beauty of the Old Town of Al-Bagawat, or the serenity of Bir El-Gebel’s springs, the Kharga Oasis invites you to embark on a journey that uncovers the hidden treasures of Egypt’s Oasis of the Sun Read More

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Explore the heart of Egypt’s history on a 5-day Nile River Cruise from Luxor to Aswan. This carefully curated itinerary encompasses a wide array of historical gems, from the renowned Karnak Temple Complex and Valley of the Kings in Luxor to the twin temples of Kom Ombo and the grand Edfu Temple. Cruise leisurely along the Nile River, relishing the charm of the surrounding landscapes. Our knowledgeable guides will enrich your journey with fascinating tales and insights into the rich tapestry of Egypt’s past View Tour Details

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Embark on an unforgettable 4-day tour package to Cairo and Abu Simbel, where ancient wonders and majestic temples await. Explore the iconic sites of Cairo, including the pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum, before journeying to Abu Simbel to witness the breathtaking temples of Ramses II and Nefertari. With our carefully curated itinerary, knowledgeable guides, and inclusive services, this tour offers a compact yet immersive experience of Egypt’s rich history. Discover the secrets of the pharaohs, marvel at awe-inspiring architecture, and create lasting memories View Tour Details

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Embark on a 5-day journey through Egypt’s most fascinating cities, Cairo and Alexandria. From the grand pyramids and ancient temples to the coastal beauty and cultural landmarks, this tour package is designed to showcase the best of both worlds. With expert guides, comfortable accommodations, and convenient transportation, you’ll have an immersive and hassle-free experience. Join us on this captivating adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime View Tour Details

6 Days Cairo, Luxor, Aswan & Abu Simbel Package

Embark on an extraordinary 6-day journey through the heart of ancient Egypt with our Cairo, Luxor, Aswan & Abu Simbel package. Begin your adventure in Cairo, where you’ll explore the iconic pyramids and delve into the treasures of the Egyptian Museum. Continue to Luxor and Aswan, where you’ll witness the grand temples along the Nile River, and conclude your tour with a visit to the awe-inspiring temples of Abu Simbel. With expert guides, comfortable accommodations, and hassle-free transportation, this package offers a comprehensive exploration of Egypt’s historic sites. Join us on this incredible journey and unlock the secrets of the pharaohs View Tour Details

7 Days Cairo, Luxor & Alexandria Tour

Experience the best of Egypt’s cultural and coastal attractions with our 7-day Cairo, Luxor & Hurghada holiday. Begin your journey in Cairo, where you’ll discover the iconic Pyramids of Giza, explore the ancient artifacts at the Egyptian Museum, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Egypt’s capital. Then, travel to Luxor, often referred to as the world’s greatest open-air museum, where you’ll explore magnificent temples, tombs, and archaeological sites. Finally, unwind in the idyllic beach destination of Hurghada, known for its pristine beaches and vibrant marine life. With comfortable accommodations, expert guides, and hassle-free transportation, this holiday package provides a well-rounded experience of Egypt’s rich history and natural beauty View Tour Details

Oasis Egypt FAQs

  1. What are the oases in Egypt? The oases in Egypt are isolated pockets of habitable land within desert regions. Some well-known oases include Siwa Oasis, Bahariya Oasis, and Kharga Oasis.
  2. Can I visit the oases in Egypt? Yes, many of the oases in Egypt are open to visitors and offer unique experiences, such as exploring ancient ruins, interacting with local communities, and enjoying natural landscapes.
  3. What is Siwa Oasis known for? Siwa Oasis is known for its remote and tranquil setting, salt lakes, mud-brick architecture, ancient ruins, and the Temple of the Oracle of Amun.
  4. Is Siwa Oasis worth a visit? Siwa Oasis is worth a visit for its unique cultural and natural attractions, including its distinct Nubian culture, hot springs, and stunning desert scenery.
  5. How can I get to Siwa Oasis? You can reach Siwa Oasis by road from Cairo or take a bus or private transfer. The journey offers scenic desert landscapes.
  6. What can I do in Siwa Oasis? In Siwa, you can explore the Temple of the Oracle, Cleopatra’s Pool, Fatnas Island, salt lakes, and enjoy a slower pace of life.
  7. Are there oases closer to Cairo? Yes, Bahariya Oasis and Fayoum Oasis are closer to Cairo and offer unique attractions such as the Black Desert, hot springs, and agricultural landscapes.
  8. What is Kharga Oasis known for? Kharga Oasis is known for its ancient Roman ruins, including the Temple of Hibis, the Temple of Nadura, and the Al-Bagawat Cemetery.
  9. Are there opportunities for eco-tourism in the oases? Yes, eco-tourism is becoming popular in Egypt’s oases, with opportunities for sustainable travel, cultural experiences, and exploring natural environments.
  10. Can I camp in the oases? Yes, many oases offer camping opportunities, whether you’re interested in traditional camping, glamping, or staying in eco-lodges.
  11. What is the best time to visit the oases? The best time to visit the oases is during the cooler months of fall and spring when the weather is more pleasant for outdoor activities.
  12. Are there opportunities for stargazing in the oases? Yes, the oases offer remote locations with minimal light pollution, making them ideal for stargazing and astrophotography.
  13. Is it possible to explore multiple oases in one trip? Yes, you can plan an itinerary to explore multiple oases in one trip, especially if you have enough time and transportation arrangements.
  14. Where can I find more information about visiting the oases in Egypt? You can find more information about visiting the oases in Egypt from travel guides, official tourism websites, travel forums, and tour operators specializing in desert and oasis experiences.
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